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A non-profit organization committed to bringing awareness and delivering training on street gangs, gun violence and youth violence and providing a platform for networking/connections regarding the migration and movement of street gangs throughout the Province.  



ONGIA is committed to bringing members of the law enforcement community the latest in gang trends, investigations and intelligence.  Our annual professional development and training conference brings together experts from various disciplines of law enforcement including, Police, Probation/Parole and Probation Officers, Correctional Officers, Crowns Attorneys, CBSA Officers, Victim Witness Assistance Program (MAG), among others.  

ONGIA also provides information and education to members of the community to bring awareness of the gang issues & current trends

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ONGIA is a non-profit organization that is committed to bringing awareness about gun & gang issues as well as youth violence within communities. ONGIA members consist of law enforcement professionals and members of the criminal justice community throughout Ontario, Canada and North America.


ONGIA membership is open to "sworn members of law enforcement agencies" at present. This includes but is not restricted to Police Officers, Probation Officers, Corrections Officers, Immigration Officers and Customs Officers.

For any membership inquiries please contact membership director

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We are working hard to develop a members only section filled with gang related content and resources.  Stayed tuned for our launch date!

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