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IGAW 2021

International Gang Awareness Week

September 19 - 25, 2021

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NAGIA is proud to present the 6th annual International Gang Awareness Week (IGAW). Originally held on a single day, the event has been expanded to encompass a full week of events to coincide with the beginning of the school year.

NAGIA and its 25 member organizations from across the US and Canada are requesting that local law enforcement agencies dedicate training and outreach programs to groups in their jurisdiction. NAGIA also has presenters in Mexico, Africa and South America who will participate.

The week is designed to bring global awareness to the violent problems criminal street gangs pose to our communities. This is an excellent opportunity for local agencies to work in concert with community organizations that reach at-risk children who are susceptible to gang recruitment techniques.

For additional information or resources, please visit IGAW resources.

New content will be added daily this week. 

Rubina and Rob - September 24, 2021

Jason - September 23, 2021

Patrick - September 22, 2021

Marcel (Part 2) - September 21, 2021

Marcel (Part 1) - September 20, 2021

Introduction - September 19, 2021

IGAW 2021 - Introduction

IGAW 2021 - Introduction

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