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ongia TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT fundiNg program

ONGIA has set aside a limited amount of funding to support the training and development of our members



ONGIA is proud to offer its members the opportunity to apply to ONGIA for funding (in part or in full) for training that will help each member with their professional duties.

  • Outline how the educational opportunity fits within ONGIA’s objectives 

  • Explain how the educational opportunity furthers your skills and knowledge in an area related your current role and how that relates to organized crime groups 

  • Review the lack of funding from your organization to provide/subsidize the requested training and the reason for refusal 

  • Provide a letter from the employer confirming that this training falls within the applicant’s portfolio

  • Provide the exact cost of the training opportunity, including conference registration fees, travel and meal expenses etc.

  • Provide a detailed explanation of cost-saving efforts

  • A detailed follow-up report must be provided to the ONGIA board upon completion of training


All applications must be received by Wednesday, August 30, 2024

Please send all applications to Peglar Artinian (

Adult Students
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