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Ontario Gang Investigators
Association (ONGIA)

ONGIA is a non-profit organization that is committed to addressing the street gang phenomenon. Established in 2001, ONGIA consists of law enforcement professionals and members of the criminal justice community throughout Ontario, Canada and North America. ONGIA has a mandate to provide gang-related education and training. ONGIA establishes links within our community through partnerships to help combat gang activity in our neighbourhoods. ONGIA can help answer your questions and concerns about gangs in our community and schools.

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Committed to Building
Strong Communities

ONGIA encourages its members to network with their community to better educate everyone about gang prevention, education and suppression. ONGIA is committed to educating youth, parents, school officials, social workers and the community on gang-related issues. ONGIA membership is open to sworn members of law enforcement agencies at present. This includes but is not restricted to police officers, probation officers, corrections officers, immigration officers and customs officers.


The Ontario Gang Investigators Association works countless volunteer hours to deliver and maintain their training on gang-related issues. ONGIA is an important part of a greater law enforcement network within North America. We would be remiss not to thank the East Coast Gang Investigators Association, MAGLOCLEN and the National Alliance of Gang Investigators Associations for their continued support and leadership. The assistance and expertise that they offer on the topic of criminal street gangs is unparalleled anywhere in the world.


Please Inquire to see if ONGIA is available to attend your public event,  workshop, seminar or conference to provide training and education relating to gangs.  Our Training Directors can be reached by clicking here

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our mission

The Ontario Gang Investigators Association (ONGIA) aims to reduce and prevent the threat of gun and gang violence in our communities. Through targeted training programs and campaigns, we dedicate ourselves to providing training and awareness to the law enforcement community, education sectors and the public on gangs, their activities and membership, and their crossover in human trafficking, social media and organized crime.

We strive to promote, inspire, and realize milestones in community policing, bolster youth engagement, and elevate victim voices in the community. By partnering with multi-faceted law enforcement agencies and intelligence networks, we offer enhanced training to assist in the intervention/identification of security threats to improve our outreach.



We are committed to being the leading voice in Canada on gun and gang violence and serving as an expert resource delivering critical & essential gang training and education throughout Ontario, Canada, and international platforms.

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Our Board of Directors is made up of experts from across various agencies bringing with them a vast amount of knowledge and experience with respect to gangs and gun violence.

Executive Team
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