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ONGIA is committed to keeping our members and folks of the Justice Community trained and up to date on current gang trends across Canada. The ONGIA webinars allow us to connect with a wide range of people from across Canada and beyond.

Webinars are ​open to sworn members of the justice community. This includes police, corrections, border services, special constables, analysts, crowns, military and staff involved in the analysis, enforcement and prosecution of criminal offences.

Participation in the webinar series will require a free ONGIA registered account to verify a participant's law enforcement credentials. Becoming a paid subscription member is optional after this process. 

Webinars are FREE to ONGIA paid subscription members and open to all other ONGIA registered accounts for a nominal fee. 

Please log onto your ONGIA member account when registering for the webinars or training in order to get the member benefits.




Gone in a Flash

The Stolen Car Epidemic

May 19, 2022

Featuring D/Sgt. Rommel Dimatulac from York Regional Police.


Members heard about: 

  • top vehicles stolen within the greater Toronto area

  • recent trends with closed circuit television

  • how new wireless technology can be leveraged against us

  • modus operandi with surveillance and CCTV videos

  • related case studies

National Fisheries Intelligence Service(NFIS)

March 24, 2022

Featuring Luisa Lawson, and Bill Fitzpatrick of the National Fisheries Intelligence Service (NFIS), of Fisheries and Oceans Canada. 


Members heard about: 

  • An examination of the NFIS intelligence officer’s role in identifying the current trends related to the illegal international wildlife trade, including shark fins, elver eels and ivory, just to name a few.

  • The illegal wildlife trade and its consequences.

  • The financial elements of how wildlife crime manifests.

  • Organizational risks and exposure to the Illegal Wildlife Trade.

  • Existing typologies and red flags along with Canadian and global case studies.

  • The Reporting of suspicious activity associated with the trade.

Webinar 1 - NFIS
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