This year’s training will focus on the collection of evidence in relation to street gangs and also how to use that evidence.  The value of intelligence, information and evidence will be probed, and the tools and networks used by today's gangs will be discussed.

As a delegate, you will learn from other agencies and come away with knowledge, tools, and techniques that are beneficial to you, your colleagues, your agency and the justice system.


Below is a list of just some of the topics that will be discussed at this year's conference:

  • What is a Gang?   

  • Female's and Gangs

  • Evidence vs Intelligence

  • Interviewing & Debriefing Gang Members

  • The Challenges of Confidential Informants

  • The Ever Expanding Footprint of Gangs

  • Emerging Issues: Opioids & Methamphetamine

  • Emerging Issues: Firearms

  • Proving It: Getting the evidence and getting it right

  • Experts:  Bringing the world of gangs to the courtroom

  • Following & Taking the Money

  • Gang Activity After Conviction

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ONGIA is a non-profit organization that is committed to addressing the street gang phenomenon. ONGIA consists of law enforcement professionals and members of the criminal justice community throughout Ontario, Canada and North America.

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