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The Ontario Gang Investigators Association (the Association) is seeking interested candidates to hold the position of Regional Director in the capacity of an ONGIA Board Member (voting) of the Association. ONGIA is looking for 1 director to fill each of the following regions: Western (British Columbia & Alberta), Central (Saskatoon & Manitoba) and Eastern (Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Prince Edward Island).



This is a volunteer position.


Major Responsibilities:

  • To promote ONGIA’s vision and mission to members in your respective region (Saskatoon & Manitoba)

  • Identify training & membership gaps within their respective region.

  • Collaborate with various board of directors to assist with their respective portfolios.

  • Provide a concise and accurate written report of all activities within the portfolio, since the last report, at all scheduled meetings of the board of directors (monthly) and;

  • Ensure the board is kept informed of all activities of the portfolio unless it is a confidential inquiry to which he/she shall report directly to the Executive Committee.


  1. Must be eligible for membership through fulltime employment in a supported profession

    • Peace Officers as defined under the Criminal Code of Canada;

    • Any duly appointed auxiliary police officer.

    • Civilian staff of a law enforcement agency where their primary responsibilities include a law enforcement component.

  2. Not currently under suspension or are the subject of an active investigation by a regulatory or policing body

  3. Must not be in conflict with the purposes of the Association


  • 1 Executive Board Meeting per month, set in advance (virtual)

  • Participation at ONGIA’s annual conference (in-person) and other training events (virtually or in-person) hosted or co-hosted by ONGIA.

  • Respond to emails / phone calls to conduct association business between meetings pertaining to your portfolio.

Application deadline:

April 13, 2023 - 8:00PM EDT

How do I Apply:
Please submit your expression of interest and qualification related to the duties of the position no later than April 13, 2023 at 8:00PM EDT, to Tim Hodgins, Ontario Gang Investigators Association at

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